Can Amy and Andrew schedule a meeting with me as optional?

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018 09:56AM EDT
Amy and Andrew can schedule a meeting with you as an optional participant. The important restriction to keep in mind is that Amy and Andrew need the calendars of at least one of the required participants in order to schedule the meeting. They need to know what times to propose in order to efficiently schedule the meeting.
 You can cue Amy and Andrew on the meeting request that you don't need to be included:
  • Amy, find time for a call next week. I'm optional
  • Andrew, schedule 30 minutes at the office for Kim and Bill to meet without me.
  • Amy, can you please set up a zoom conference with John and Noah. I am not needed.
  • Andrew, schedule a meeting without me next week in the afternoon.
They will reach out to find a time with the other participants and include you as an optional guest on the invite.
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